When de-burrs, chamfers or recesses etc are required in those inaccessible places, the PENTAD solution is there to help.
Equally at home on CNC or conventional machines, the backchamfer system is simple to operate and to set. It can backchamfer/deburr, or internally recess holes in a wide range of engineering components and materials.
The system relies on its own built-in accuracy which is independant of machine quality. The normal diameter range is
4mm - 20mm and hole depths of up to 65mm.
Cutters are supplied in: M2 high speed steel, A.S.P.30 powder metallurgy high speed steel and Tungsten carbide.
5 second typical cycle time
1 Rapid in
2 Feed out - to produce chamfer
3 Rapid retract
PENTAD maintain extensive stocks of standard tooling products.
If you would like to arrange a demonstration of the backchamfer system, please do not hesitate to contact us using the link below:
Demo enquiry >
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